Get A Grip On Your Panic Disorder

Despite a persons celeb status and larger-than-life personas, the rich and famous are not immune to phobias or having extreme fear. By being as prone to fear and anxiety as the rest of us, they show just how ordinary they can be.

These celebrities possess fears that hound numerous other non-celebrities. What exactly do these celebs fear the most?

Michael Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jennifer Aniston share exactly the same fear of flying. Orlando Bloom is actually frightened of pigs and Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns. Nicole Kidman is frightened of butterflies. And would you believe that Pamela Anderson is frightened of mirrors?

Celebrities and non-celebrities can break out into anxiety attacks anytime they come across that which they fear the most. Even though it is common to be just uneasy about dealing with a certain fear or alarming situation, there are some instances when the fear can be so difficult that it brings about complete panic.

What is a panic attack? A panic attack is known as a sudden extreme fear followed by a massive sensation of danger. It is often associated with anxiety, excessive sweating, rapid breathing, and rapid pulse. Panic attacks are sudden and unprovoked. It may even worsen into a debilitating condition that pose a devastating impact on an individuals family members, work, and social life. An attack can happen at anytime and it can hinder day-to-day activities. An untreated panic disorder can perhaps result in drug abuse, depression and, in unusual instances, even suicide.

Panic disorders can develop during the teen years or early adulthood. Individuals with anxiety attacks have this dreaded fear of danger or terror and it could possibly repeat without warning. It is way more intense than the feeling of just being stressed out. A panic attack includes:
> trembling
> shaking
> sweating
> chest pains
> hot flashes
> racing pulse
> feeling faint
> fear that youre going nuts or about to die

Those who have full-blown, repeated attacks can be psychologically handicapped by their affliction and need to seek out treatment. They should also steer clear of places or objects that could induce another panic attack. A panic attack isnt dangerous, but it can be frightening, largely since it creates a feeling of being out of control on the part of the person who is being affected by it.

Only a certified therapist can diagnose a panic disorder. Infrequent bouts with worry and moderate amounts of anxiety are still regarded as normal. However, panic attacks that occur greater than four times in a row is usually a sign that a person is under intense mental stress. Persons who go through frequent, debilitating panic attacks should quickly seek the help of a mental heath specialist for panic treatment.

Most insurance plans and health management organizations (HMOs) provide coverage which includes panic attacks treatment. To make treatment more effective, individuals with panic disorders are advised to enroll in a support group or undergo sessions with a mental health specialist. Even something as straightforward as talking to a trusted friend, a family member, or possibly a church counselor can do wonders. Stress management tactics and meditation can help cure panic attacks. Routine workouts may also have some relaxing effect on a person saddled with concerns.