About Us

Our goal at HomeoTreatment is to provide as much information as we can to help you make informed and intelligent decisions regarding your supplementation. Our information is backed by studies, experience, and serious research. We do not simply repeat what people have thought through out the years to be true, we compose each article with an blank sheet and an open mind. HomeoTreatment is primarily run by me. I also have other writers that will be contributing. We all have the same passion for providing accurate and useful articles that will include the most current information possible.

This is how I became interested in supplementation: In 2015, I started seriously paying attention to my health. I was overweight, out of shape, and generally heading in the wrong direction regarding my health. First I changed my diet, using a method called Volumetrics. Volumetrics taught me to pay attention to the food I was eating. It teaches you to select foods that satisfy the appetite but are not calorie dense. My theory is all diets that cut back on calories work, the key is to stick to the plan. Volumetrics was a plan I could stick to. The weight actually started coming off. After a while I decided to join a gym so I could use the cardio machines to help my weight loss which continued. And now my stamina was noticeable increasing. The cardio machines in my gym are at the front, so everyday I saw the folks who lifted weights walk past to get to the back. It didnt take long before I got up the nerve and started exploring the weight machines.

At first I just did a variety of machines trying to hit everything. Then I started researching weight training and settled into a program designed for balanced strength and body building. This is when I started learning about supplements. If I was going to be doing all this work, I wanted it to be as efficient as possible. I found supplements were a necessity to get the most out of my training. As I became more serious about my training, I transitioned to free weights, barbells and dumbbells. I also started a program that utilizes whole body movements, Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, and Overhead Press. It is from a book called Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, I highly recommended it if youre interested in getting strong. By now I was very serious about my training, including my supplements. I actually was getting pretty strong and decided to compete in a Powerlifting meet. And thats where I am today. I compete in area and state meets, about 3 a year. Over the years I have experimented a lot with my training and supplements. I know from experience what works and what doesnt.

Since my initial experiences, supplementation has become a passion for me. All supplementation, including: daily health, weight loss and pain management to name a few. This passion let to this website. I wanted to share good quality information with those seeking it.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts about the website or anything at all for that matter.